Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

World-Wide Nutritional Immunity

Why everybody, everywhere is taking vitamin C. – "Vitamin C protects against coronavirus." The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service first said so on January 26. The opening sentence of that release was and remains politically incorrect: "The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C."

Vitamin C and Coronavirus

Vitamin C and Coronavirus: Not a Vaccine; Just a Humble Cure. – The COVID-19 infection has been compared to the flu and severe pneumonia, which can be successfully treated by high-dose vitamin C treatment.

Published Research and Articles on Vitamin C

Published Research and Articles on Vitamin C as a Consideration for Pneumonia, Lung Infections, and the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19). – Vitamin C supports your immune system. Vitamin C helps to kill viruses and reduces the symptoms of infection.

High-dose IV/C for COVID-19

High-dose Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for COVID-19. – The evidence about COVID-19 pneumonia and well-established knowledge about related conditions suggests it is caused by the hyperactivation of immune effector cells. High-dose vitamin C may suppress these immune system effectors. As intravenous high-dose vitamin C treatment is known to be safe, this suggests that intravenous high-dose vitamin C may be the treatment of choice in the early stages of COVID-19.

High Dose Vitamin C for COVID-19

Successful High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment of Patients with Serious and Critical COVID-19 Infection. – Dr. Mao stated that his group treated ~50 cases of moderate to severe cases of Covid-19 infection with high dose IVC...All patients who received IVC improved and there was no mortality.

Vitamin C Treats COVID-19

Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19. – The government of Shanghai, China has announced its official recommendation that COVID-19 should be treated with high amounts of intravenous vitamin C.

Vitamin C and COVID-19

Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus – Vitamin C supports your immune system. Vitamin C helps to kill the virus and reduces the symptoms of infection. It's not a COVID "cure," but nothing is. It might just save your life, though, and will definitely reduce the severity of the infection.

Trump Rally COVID-19 Action

A video clip – from the Trump rally in Charlotte, N.C. 03/02/2020.

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